Patient Information

Our Pledge to you

Our goal is to provide the highest quality medical care to you and the rest of our patients. In order to be consistent with this goal, we set aside a scheduled appointment time for each individual patient according to your specific needs.

In order to help you meet your appointment commitment, this practice will confirm your appointment by text message or by phone at least 2 business days in advance. Our friendly staff will make every effort to assist you in a timely manner so we would request that abusive and inappropriate language be refrained from being used. There is a 24 hour response time for email & phone messages. If follow ups are required after tests have been done we will contact you promptly. Our doctors do not correspond via email, please phone our office on 9381 3691 with any queries.


We have a car park at the front of the surgery (entry via Excelsior St). Additional parking can be found in the surrounding streets. We do ask that when parking on the street you take into consideration our neighbours and refrain from parking across driveways.


We do not make appointments via email; therefore you will need to contact our surgery on 9381 3691 to make a suitable appointment. As a busy practice we try and accommodate patient’s wishes and circumstances, however, we may not always be able to provide an appointment due to the doctor’s schedule.

Cancellation of appointments

Should you need to cancel your appointment, you need to do so by phone at a minimum of 24 hours in advance on 9381 3691. Appointments are in high demand and your early cancellation will allow us to schedule another patient into that appointment slot. It also makes it possible to reschedule your appointment more efficiently. Consideration will be given for unforseen emergency situations at our discretion.

Missed appointments

When an appointment is missed, that time cannot be used to treat another patient who may need urgent care. If you miss an appointment without contacting our surgery, or cancel without the required 24 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled appointment time, we consider this a “no show” or missed appointment.

No Show Policy

The first time you miss an unconfirmed appointment there will be no charge, however we will call you to check that nothing untoward has happened and to remind you of our appointment policy. Your client record will be marked a “no show” occurrence. 

If a confirmed appointment is missed, then you will be charged for that appointment and we will send you an invoice which is payable within 30 days or late fees will apply. Should you miss a second appointment, you will be billed for this and an account sent to you for payment within 30 days or late fees will apply and possibly no further appointments will be made for you.

Doctors’ Fees

Churchill Health Centre is a private billing practice.

Our current fees are:

Normal consultation (15minutes)$105.00
Long consultation (30 minutes)$210.00

Dr Talia Steed’s consult fees are:

New patients / Initial consult (1 hour)$220.00
Follow-Up (30 min)$110.00
Follow-Up (45 min – 1 hour)$220.00
There are additional fees for any other procedures performed. Staff can advise you of these costs. Most procedures are claimable through Medicare.

Payment Options

Payment of accounts is due on the day of service. Payment can be made with cash, cheque, credit card (ie Visa or MasterCard). If you do not pay your account on the day of service, an invoice will be given to you, however, if the account is not paid within 14 days of the invoice a late fee of $10 will apply. Failure to finalise your account within 30 days will preclude you from making further appointments until the outstanding account is paid and your account may be referred to a Debt Collection Agency and all charges incurred will also apply.

Claiming options

We are able to lodge your medical claim directly to Medicare on your behalf, please advise reception staff if you would like us to lodge your claim for you. You will receive your rebate directly into your bank account within 24 hours of lodgement. Of course, you can still go to Medicare and lodge your claim if you prefer.

Data Collection

This practice collects information from you for the primary purpose of providing quality health care. This information may be used for administration purposes as well as for referrals, test and medical reports or Insurance Companies/Solicitors etc., have read and accept these terms and conditions.

Feedback/ complaints

If you would like to provide feedback with regards to any aspect of this Practice, please feel free to let us know either in writing or verbally.